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Bill Hibbler

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"I have been genuinely amazed at the amount of insight and information that Bill provides for a mere $1,297. If he charged $5,000.00 it would be worth every penny.

If you really, really want to get all the information and resources on what it takes to get a business up and running on the Internet, I can't recommend Bill Hibbler's class enough."

Ann Taylor,

I cannot convey enough positive statements about Bill Hibbler and his class, Ebook Mastermind. I have been through numerous internet marketing courses which go long on promise and short on delivery. Bill's class and style are precisely the opposite. There was so much tangible, usable, REAL content that it truly blows away virtually everything out there.

One real difference you immediately get is that Bill truly cares about what you get out of the course. His teaching style is interactive, helpful and always positive. He also understands EXACTLY what it takes to create an information product from scratch and he walks you through the process step by step. For those of you who are overwhelmed with all of the information out there, you will be relieved with how Bill breaks down each step into understandable and easily manageable components.

If you are struggling with how to get your information product created and marketed, don't waste your time with the all of the guru's who do nothing but package up a bunch of interviews and call it a course. Get into Bill's course as fast as you can and make your idea a profitable one!

Randy Meriwether,
San Antonio, TX

Vicky Heron

Your course is first-rate Bill. I've seen a lot of what's offered on the Internet and it's hard to know what's good and what's junk. Your course is stuffed with useful, proven information to help anyone interested in creating Ebooks and building an Internet information business succeed quickly. You remove all guesswork with your video presentations. You make learning and taking action fun! Thank you.

Vicky Heron,
Marketing Consultant & Copywriter

This class got me to take action and get going. Before I took your class I really didn't believe that I would be able to research, develop and sell a product starting from scratch. It always seems to work for other people but now I know that this is a real opportunity if you just get follow the class and do it!

H. David Patrick,
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

"I consider myself very fortunate to have taken Bill Hibbler's eBook class. In fact, I had to make a personal sacrifice in order to take the class and I'm very glad I did.

Bill is a "wealth of information" in his field of expertise and he eagerly and openly shares ALL he knows. Everything from how to select your niche to how to set up your "Thank You" page is covered. And, if you have any questions, Bill is very open and responsive to them.

My recommendation is to enroll in this class before it fills up. Bill's systematic approach to writing and selling your info product will get you on the right track to a profitable internet business."

Marcia Parks,

"I love your ebook mastermind class. I have bought other programs in the past and suffered paralysis by analysis because I had all the this material with no way to really implement. Those products always came with a mentor program at a very high price. Your program with the class access site, audio and video lessons helped me to understand step by step how to easily create and sell a product.

The best and most helpful part were the weekly class mastermind calls where you made yourself available to us to clear up any questions and to guide to the next logical step."

Julius Jordan,
Gulf Breeze, FL

"I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for your incredible E-book mastermind course. From the information you gave me in the course, you could have charged any price you wanted and I would have paid it.

It's been a great opportunity; you have taken me to the next levels in internet marketing by quantum leaps and I really appreciate that. The information is in a format that is easy to understand and a breeze to access. While the time involved is intensive (you provide so much information), I was still able to work it into my busy schedule because of the 24/7 access to the class materials. Your uses of audio, video, written and live communications enable me to absorb the material; I really got the answers I was asking for!

I have purchased an abundance of software and hardware trying to figure out how to get started in my internet business and was getting very frustrated. I own a successful computer consulting business and do not have much time available to search for the right tools. The fact is I work 7 days a week as it is, so your course was an answer from the Universe in a very timely manner. I am so grateful for that. Thank you. I know that anyone who wants to write an E-book or sell anything on the internet will find this course to be the most complete class available!

Forever grateful,

Kim Burney,
Owner, Mobile PC

Not only did I receive the ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Creating Money Making Ebooks, I also received homework to be completed as the class progressed. It motivates you!

He gives away prizes too. The resources are tremendous time and money saving tools that I would never have found on my own. The videos I got during the class were very professional.

His email replies are filled with knowledge and experience over the years, and the offer to take his class, I simply could not ignore if I wanted to write my first ebook. The bonuses were all related to what he was doing in the class, and helpful. I can't wait to try them all.

It makes it feel solid and complete and real. It looks great and feels great and I really think this is going to help me make it happen.

Bill Hibbler gives me so many tools to try, that he has used successfully. In the class, Bill manages to squeeze a lot in, and there is certainly a lot to do and cover in learning how to create a profitable ebook. His experience is extensive and who better to learn from?

Nizam Ameerally,
Co-author w/ Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Mark Victor Hansen in the best selling book "Wake Up...Live the Life You Love"
Orlando, Florida

"I'm an internet marketing newbie! I met Bill at the very first internet marketing seminar I attended early this year. Everyone at the Seminar was offered the opportunity of this great EBookMastermind class. I almost passed it up! I thought I could do it all on my own! What a joke! There are so many pieces to the puzzle and quite a learning curve.

I feel very blessed, that at the very last minute, I decided to go for it and signed up for his class. I'm sure it was one of the best decisions of my life. Finally, the pieces of the puzzle are coming together for me. Bill really more than overdelivered! He has given us a tremendous value for our money.

Maybe I could have done this on my own, but it would have taken me so much longer, And in the long run, I would have spent a lot more time, energy and money doing all the wrong things, instead of doing all the right things. Bill has been a Godsend! I'm very grateful and if you are a newbie looking for some direction and guidance, Bill is your man!

The class is structured in such a way that I always felt supported and so that I could always get my many questions answered. Like a big frustrating puzzle, he has broken down each piece for me and showed me where it goes. I won't say it's easy yet, but I'm on my way to internet stardom!

Thanks Bill! You are awesome!
Taye Shurden,
Austin, TX

Gregory Anne Cox

Bill Hibbler has to be one of the masters of 'over deliver.' The e-book course is so jam packed with solid, usable information that works in the real world that I'm not sure I've gotten through all of it yet.

I highly recommend Bill's course and if you are thirsty for practical information on product creation and marketing be prepared for a "Big Gulp" from this guy!"

Gregory Anne Cox,
Coach, Author, Speaker
Health, Power, and Joy for Smart Midlifers
Home of the Smart Women's Lifestyle Tune-Up
The You Revolution

Bill’s class is the most comprehensive and affordable program that offers everything needed to build an e-book empire. He has given me the courage to tackle my big project and he has shown me how to do it step-by-step. Bill is always so thorough with his lessons and includes many tips and tricks used by the most successful gurus on the Internet today, giving you insider information so that you can be just as successful. He’s always up on the latest and greatest and shows you just how easy you can do it too.

With the lessons and assignments, Bill has you going through the process in no time making it possible to get up and running easily and efficiently. I have spent many hours, days, months and years researching online marketing and book publishing however nothing ever taught me as comprehensively as Bill’s class, and all within such a short period of time.

Bill is an extraordinaire! He is extremely thorough, very organized, always over-delivers, is a great teacher, extremely patient, professional and makes himself very accessible to his class. Not only did he write the book on Mastermind groups, “Meet and Grow Rich”, he has you in one immediately and he masterminds with you!

I have had the pleasure to meet Bill in person and he is a true blue, genuine, brilliant, personable, intriguing person. Just the kind of guy you want to work with that you know you can trust! I can never thank you enough Bill, for such a fabulous course and what an honor it is to work with you. I know I will be using the information you taught me for a long time as my business continues to sky rocket. I highly recommend Bill’s course to anyone looking to start a business online!

Donna Vail,
Garden Valley, TX

Bill, your mentoring program was much more than I expected! I am now in the process of creating my first product and getting it online. You have taken away any doubts that I can do this.

You are the best person to give me a fresh look at my skills and industry from a consumer / marketer point of view. Your insight alone was worth much more than I paid for the course.

Lanny Shaw,
Citrus Heights, CA

As a technologically-challenged 60-year-old, I had definite misgivings about taking a course on creating my own downloadable internet product. What did I, a complete "newbie," know about marketing, much less internet marketing?

But Bill's well-organized course kept me moving right along and has brought me incredible confidence. In 12 weeks I learned how to create my own ebook, how to market it, how to write a killer sales letter, what to outsource and what to do myself. I now have a wonderful sense of freedom and adventure as I begin a whole new career. Thank you, Bill.

Heidi Walter

WOW! What an incredible program. If you are wanting to get yourself out there in a big way, take this class!

Bill takes you by the hand and walks you through creating your product, sales pages and everything you will need to know to do it. I loved his kinesthetic teaching style with the audio/videos that show you exactly what to do on your computer screen. Plus, you can do your lessons at any hour of the day or night!! So, if you want someone that knows what he is doing to teach you ....Bill is the man.

Sheri Rowland,

This is a comprehensive class on writing an e book from start to finish. The information was very useful and the instructions were easy to follow.

This course is a must for anyone who wants to write an e book.

Ted Pawlikowski
Seattle, WA

"I've spend a lot of money online with many other courses and products and its the first time I really stuck with a course. It is really well organized and easy to follow.

Bill was really generous with the class. His goal is really that we succeed. He gives all he can, his knowledge, feedback, help, and time. I think you'll make your best move to choose Bill's class!

When my web site is ready, I know it will be very lucrative because of all I learned from Bill."

Kim Bergeron,
Chartierville, Quebec, Canada

Bill Hibbler's class is without any question, the best one on one and one to group interactive resource for Internet marketers today. No fluffery, just good info for you to use on your success journey.

Tim Stoddard,
"HOME" Magazine's, "Titan of Tile"

"I was a complete novice in internet marketing and feel I was fortunate to have found this Exceptional Course. As a successful business person, it is always difficult to be in the position of not knowing what’s going on and being a beginner at something. Even though I had never heard many of the technical terms and had no idea what an autoresponder was, Bill walked us through each and every step, patiently explained things on our Q & A calls and provided such thorough instruction that soon I was feeling right in my element.

Add to the mix our Fantastic Mastermind Sessions and all the Valuable Feedback on our homework assignments and you have the most Comprehensive Course I have ever taken."

Rosemary Ippolito,
Weeki Wachee, Florida

I found the audios, videos and resources provided in the course very insightful and useful.

One thing I love about Bill’s ebook eclass was the way Bill underpromised and overdelivered.

I have a great deal of respect for people who do that. For me, it’s a sign of integrity.

Jim Oliver,

Bill Hibbler's eBook Mastermind class wins hands-down for the best "how to" on writing an ebook as the foundation for an online business.

Bill overdelivers on this course and provides you with all the resources you need to get started with your own online business venture. He will provide personal answers to all your questions, and really wants to see you succeed.

Without a doubt, I learned how all the pieces fit together, and highly recommend this course for anyone who is determined to succeed online. Thanks, Bill, for clearing out the cobwebs for me, so that I could overcome the confusing obstacles that stood in the way on my journey toward success!

Juli Miezejeski
McKinney, TX

"One of the Best Investments That You Make in Yourself and in Your Success"

Before I took Bill's class I had learned a little bit here and a little bit there about creating my own e-book. I learned bits and pieces from other internet courses, ebooks, teleseminars, you name it, the problem was that there were still too many pieces of the "Internet Knowledge" puzzle missing and to be honest I really didn't even know how to put the pieces together that I had. Sound familiar?

Bill's course was everything and more that he promised it would be. No stone is left unturned. He teaches you all the info that you'll need to "make it happen" with your own e-book. He makes the learning process quicker and easier that I had thought possible. In my opinion learning first hand from an experienced expert who's accomplished what you hope to accomplish, is a must. If we could all learn effectively from a book, there wouldn't be college classrooms.

The thing I most appreciated about the class, in addition to the learning, was Bill's genuine desire and efforts to see everyone in the class learn the material and get results. You could spend more, a lot more for a course like this, but you won't get more and from my experience you'll most likely get less. As Nike says, "Just do it" and sign-up, you'll be glad you did. Bill's class will be one of the best investments that you make in yourself and in your success.

Bob Bankston,
Boulder, CO

"Bill Hibbler's eBook Mastermind class is most definitely the best return I've ever received for my money. I've taken many courses in my career and what you get from him in information, resources, and guidance is way above and beyond anything I ever expected.

Putting together all the pieces to set up an online business can be so overwhelming. Bill breaks the process into easy to follow steps and spells out exactly how to go about it.

I have a technical background and I could have theoretically figured out the mechanics of creating a site and setting up a shopping cart, but it would have taken years of hard knocks to learn what Bill's taught us in avoiding pit falls and in taking the most direct path to our goals.

What I had absolutely no experience in was marketing. He has such a knack for copywriting and the information he's given us regarding how to write an effective sales letter was worth the price of the class alone!

I've thoroughly enjoyed this class and have met some wonderful people that I'll continue to Mastermind with.

Bill is truly offering a life changing experience!"

Ann Collins,
Austin, TX

"Bill, I was thoroughly impressed with your generosity of resources and support throughout the class. I always felt confident that I had made a wise investment for my future; in you I found a truly knowledgeable, committed teacher to learn all the ins-and-outs of researching, developing and marketing my online products.

I heard your sincere desire to go all-out for us so that we would be successful, and it was motivating. It wasn't just talk - you delivered! And you're still overdelivering - your new membership site with ongoing support is such a wonderful surprise and just what I need to work at my own pace!

I've already met truly wonderful individuals in the class - we shared valuable support and information that will make a huge difference in my success as well. I'm looking forward to connecting with them and new friends/colleagues in the forum! You have created an outstanding program and I'm excited that you're expanding it... and that I get to continue to benefit! Thanks Bill!"

Paula Winchel, Hypnotherapist

Margaret Grotowski

I would really like to thank you for an amazing course which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I have learned so much from the careful way you put your course together and the videos of each step are really helpful. There is a lot to learn if you are new to this and yet you make it possible to work through it. I have moved from the thought of wanting to start an on line business to actually being able to see that happen.

My e-book is almost finished and my web site will be up and running very soon. Your course is packed with advice and tips and is something I know I will want to refer to again and again now I have a deeper level of understanding.

Thank you Bill, it has been a real privilege to be your student.

Margaret Grotowski
Ft Lauderdale, FL

Maria Beale Fletcher

As Bill Hibbler turns you inside out - but never loose, he challenges you to expose your best self to yourself and the world. His process forces you to cast aside your demons and celebrate your talents - the ones you thought were forever hidden. For sharing the tools that create the path to the relief of self-discovery, I will be eternally grateful to Bill Hibbler.

Maria Beale Fletcher
Former Radio City Music Hall Rockette
Former Miss America


Thanks a lot for your great coaching and your online course. The following are the features that I have liked about you & your course:

  • Every Monday we received new set of tools and resources
  • Every Thursday we had the opportunity to ask questions
  • We got the opportunity of having private sessions with you for 2 times half an hour. This is helpful because I had time to ask specific questions for my case and you gave useful feedback.
  • You encouraged us to create a Mastermind group: this has been very helpful. Even though the class was over a month ago we have still continued our mastermind calls every week and given each other support
  • Whenever I have had a question, you have responded within 24 hours, which is pretty quick

Hossein Jahanian
Canoga Park, CA

"Chris, Let Me Work With You Personally To Build & Train Your Own Affiliate Army to Launch and Grow Your TV Network"

From: Bill Hibbler
Date: Monday, July 14th, 2008

Dear Chris,

Have you been been staying awake at night wondering how to:

  • meet your paid subscriber goals?
  • generate traffic to the network website?
  • build an online buzz around the network?
  • replacing subscribers lost through attrition?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you'll want to read ever word of this letter. 

You don't need an expert to tell you that affiliates are what is going to build your subscriber base. Without a multi-million dollar ad budget, it's the only way to go.

The way to relieve your concerns isn't as much about the quantity of affiliates we recruit as it is the quality. Many internet marketers will tell you that only a small fraction of their affiliates produce any sales at all, much less multiple sales. 

The keys are:

  • Building strong relationships with Joint Venture partners, "Super Affiliates" and those already active in affiliate marketing. 
  • Attracting first-time & newbie affiliates through excellent training & support.
  • Ongoing affiliate promotion after our initial launch to keep new subscribers coming.

So what's the most effective way to achieve this?

It's Simple...  

You Need a Rock Star!

Bill Hibbler as Colin Cleveland

No, not that kind of rock star. :) You need an affiliate marketing rock star. 

So, Chris, do you think I have someone in mind? 

Who is Bill Hibbler and Why You Want Him
Running Your Affiliate Program

Right now you may be asking, "Couldn't Bill have just sent me his resume'?"

Good question.

First of all, I haven't been asked for a resume' in about 30 years. Not that I've got a big head about that or anything. It's just, for most of my life, I've been an entrepreneur.  

And besides, isn't this more fun than reading a boring resume'?

But let me give you some background to help you see why I'm the man for the job. 

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family.  My grandfather was in the restaurant business and my father owned a large steel fabrication plant in Houston.  My sister has the bug, too. She runs a successful software company. 

15 Year-Old Parties With Rock Stars

I started my first business when I was 15.  No, it wasn't a paper route. Actually, I was a teenage vintage guitar dealer. 

My customers were people like Eddie Van Halen, Nazareth, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, Air Supply, Dire Straits, The Who, Pat Eenatar, Bad Company and many others.  I'm not going to tell you it made me rich but can you imagine how much fun I had getting to hang out backstage with all my favorite rock stars?

So how did a 15 year-old kid get backstage to all these shows. I knew there was a demand but there was the little matter of getting past those pesky security guards. Sitting around the backstage door after hearing "You're name's not on the list", I noticed that some people go through with no problem.  And I noticed what they had that I didn't. 

I had the requisite long hair, black t-shirt and jeans and I looked older than my age.  So I went out and bought the same kind of briefcase all the roadies carried and developed a decent impression of a British accent.  So, problem solved.

For the next several years, I wore a lot of music business hats.  I was a live sound engineer, guitar tech, stagehand and stage manager while continuing to deal guitars and gear. Then I got my first big break. 

Living the Rock & Roll Dream

At 22, I landed my dream gig as tour manager for legendary British rock band, Humble Pie.  I spent three yeas managing tours and recording sessions before the band called it quits in 1985. 

I spent the next 13 years working more sides of the music biz including stints a DJ, Club Manager and DJ Trainer for top nightclubs in Atlanta & Houston. I also published a music industry directory called "Musician's Resource."

In 1995, I started a talent management company handling singer/bassist Glenn Hughes from the band Deep Purple in addition to other hard rock bands.  I've negotiated numerous record contracts with labels in Japan, Europe and the US along with overseeing a dozen world concert and promotional tours and merchandising deals. 

The bottom line is I spent 25 years in the music industry. I'm used to dealing with artists and celebrities (and egos.) I've also spent a lot of time studying audiences and how they respond. 

9 Years in Internet & Affiliate Marketing

An attempt to sell a recorded version of a music biz seminar I'd developed on the Internet led me to a fascination with the world of Internet marketing. 

In most industries, Chris, nine years means you're little more than a rookie. In Internet marketing, it means you're an elder statesman. :)  

I'm not about to claim world domination in this industry. However, I do believe that there's at most one degree of separation between me and anyone in the Internet marketing industry with a large sphere of influence. 

Initially, my niche in the industry was as a watchdog and product reviewer. And that meant becoming an affiliate for a lot of different companies. I've studied the pros and cons of every top marketer's affiliate program.  

I've been a top affiliate for several web marketing products and services and I understand the affiliate mindset.  And I continue to study the industry and listen to affiliate marketers comments and complaints.

In 2004, I developed a first-rate online training program for Ebook Authors. Students pay up to $2,000 to participate. A large part of the curriculum is affiliate marketing.  The testimonials you see on the left-hand side of the page are just some of the feedback I've gotten from my students. 

Don't they make me sound great? :) And I swear I didn't pay them a dime to provide those testimonials. 

Seriously, Chris. I love to teach and I care about my customer's success. They all sense that and that's why they've been so loyal. Beyond bringing in the heavy guns, I think the real life blood of your affiliate army is going to be from raw recruits we train ourselves. 

I want to build the same type of loyalty with our affiliates so they're out there spreading the word about our network. 

With regard to my Internet marketing chops, here's the lowdown. I've:

  • Built and installed well over 100 of my own websites. 
  • Created successful pay-per-click (PPC)  search successful campaigns. 
  • Written dozens of successful sales letters and thousands of email campaigns. 
  • Run my popular blog, Ecommerce Confidential, since 2004. 
  • Had two best-selling eBooks, The Rudl Report and The Ultimate Guide to Creating Moneymaking EBooks (w/ Joe Vitale)
  • Done enough search engine optimization (SEO) to speak the language. I'm no expert but can help you spot the pretenders. 
  • Successfully developed and promoted back-end products in the $1k to $5k range. 
  • Worked as an Internet marketing and copywriting consultant (which is how I met Daryl Snyder).  

Some of this experience and skill set doesn't fall under the affiliate manager heading but I want you to know that if you need feedback on a potential outsourcer, new hire or just need to bounce an idea off someone on any of these topics, I'm glad to help.

Beyond my web marketing experience, I've got two more items which I believe you'll find useful.

First, there's Meet & Grow Rich, my book on masterminds with Joe Vitale. Although I've earned far more money from e-books, there's nothing quite like having a traditional hardback book on a major publisher. Ok, so I may not be able to get us a better seat at a Hollywood eatery but...

Being able to say "best-selling author" opens a few doors here and there. It also adds credibility, especially when we're talking about masterminds.  As you know, Chris, almost every success story in business includes involvement in a mastermind group.  

I've got some content programming ideas about masterminds that I'll mention later. 

Finally, I've got some chops as a public speaker.  I recently spoke at Joe Vitale's Wealth Building seminar in Austin and generated over $15k in sales from an audience of only 125.  With more experience,  I think I can do a lot more. 

One of the many reasons I love this network is the opportunity to spend more time in front of the camera and in front of live audiences.  

See, I really like your story and feel really good about telling it to others.  While Frank is the network spokesperson,  I'm happy to help out in places Frank can't be. 

So enough about me, Chris. Let's talk about what I'd like to build and manage for your affiliate program. 

Here's What You Get For Your Affiliate Program:

Recruiting Affiliates: This is going to come via three primary channels. Recruiting customers,  JV Partners aka Super Affiliates and experienced but smaller affiliate marketers.

Customers can be recruited via:
  • Banner ads and links on content and community pages. 
  • "Welcome" emails and registration screens. 
  • An affiliate section in the website community discussion area. 
  • Content in the "Make Money Online" channel in the network.
  • Tell-a-Friend scripts.

For more the more experienced affiliates, I'd like to initially focus on the more influential marketers in the English speaking world.

Later, we can develop affiliates from the rest of the world's population in two ways. First, we get them from new viewers as we move into those territories. Next, we'll get them as 2nd tier affiliates.

My belief is that 90% of the successful marketers in the rest of the world developed their initial interest in Internet marketing via one of those marketers that I'll target initially. Thus, I think we'll start to see them signing up as affiliates on their own. And the rest can be reached by active promotion from our initial affiliates as we move into new territories.

Joint Venture (JV) Partners can be recruited via:
  • Current & New Content Providers
  • Internet Marketers
  • Building Strong Relationships with all of the above
  • Internet Marketing Seminars
Smaller Experienced Affiliate Marketers can be reached via:
  • Seeding Affiliate Directories
  • Participation in Affiliate Marketing Forums & Communities
  • Internet Marketing Seminars
  • Social Networking Websites
Training Affiliates: I believe wonderful training will attract wonderful affiliates.  While a ton of emphasis on training (although little on how to sell online) is placed in network marketing programs, I see a lot less quality training in affiliate programs for the 'make money online' niche.  That's an area where we can truly shine.

While we'll lean heavily on established list owners,  with solid training, we can create our own Super Affiliates.

Here are some of the channels I'd like to utilize for training affiliates:
  • Live Teleclasses & Webinars
  • A Quick-Start Guide
  • Pre-recorded Online Video & Audio Training
  • An Blog specifically for affiliates to keep them informed and engaged.
  • Affiliate Ezine & Training Autoresponder Series
  • Offline Contact (Postcards and Letters)
  • Affiliate Training Handbook (Digital Ebook)
  • Regular Affiliate Contests
Monitor Affiliates: This is about watching our numbers and keeping our ears to the ground. Here's how::
  • Watch Our Top Performers and Reach Out to Potential Super Affiliates
  • Welcome, Engage and Involve Newcomers
  • Solicit Feedback Through an Affiliate Section in our Community. 
Create Affiliate Tools: Most of these are standard in most affiliate programs but I usually only see 2-3 tools provided rather than giving them a variety of tools so they can choose which best suits their strategies.
  • Banner Ads & other Graphics
  • Design or Customize Affiliate Sign-Up & Login-Pages
  • Affiliate Welcome Email
  • Sample Email Copy for Affiliates 
  • Viral Reports and EBooks (Great way to generate sign-ups long after the launch. 
  • 404 Error Pages for Affiliates to Use on Their Websites (I'll explain what these are later) 
  • Articles
Monitor Competitors & Complimentary Affiliate Programs: We can't compete in a vacuum so we should:
  • Join other programs to study their rates, offers and materials. (This is also a great way to find out about competitor's product launches and special promotions in advance). 
  • Monitor Affiliate Community and Social Networking Chatter
  • Seek Products & Services we can promote as affiliates. 

Monitor Content Providers Affiliate Programs: This should be one of our strongest revenue streams.  Our content should be setup so that any offers are directed through our affiliate links rather than directly to the content provider's website. 

This can easily be achieved by using 'redirect' links.  For example, if our website is, a content plug for Sally Speaker's Super Summit would display the caption Our web programmers can easily set up that address to transparently go through an affiliate link so we get credit for the sale. There is simple software that can do this easily. 

I can also work with (content) programming to make sure they're aware of any major product launches, seminars or other promotions. They may wish to temporarily increase rotation or give more prominent placement to those providers to maximize revenue. 

We can also use this data to place ads throughout the site and in our online community. 

Monitor Customer Service:  Assuming customer service will be handling inquiries and complaints from affiliates, we'll need to make sure they have what they need to provide support. And we'll need regular updates to watch for any problem areas. 

The typical issues customer support will deal with will be regarding lost username and passwords,  when and how they'll be paid and wondering why they weren't given credit for a particular sale. 

Monitor Affiliate Software Provider:  We'll need to keep a close eye on them, request changes and updates and make sure they're paying our affiliates on-time. Nothing will alienate affiliates more than late payments or problems crediting sales. 

Chris, I'm happy you've moved away from FusionQuest. This was a big concern of mine and Daryl told me you're working on a different solution.

Work with Content Dept, Social Networking and other departments  to explore new avenues for affiliate promotion: 

I will always be seeking new revenue streams and ways to maximize our affiliate income. 

I've seen very little of what's in place right now for affiliates in terms of training or marketing materials. I'd want to review what we have in place and make sure it's consistent with the plan I'm proposing. 

Assuming I'd be starting from scratch,  I'll need to put in a lot of hours between now and your soft-launch.  I don't believe we'll have time to implement everything I have in mind that quickly but we can roll it out in phases. 

Once everything is in place, maintaining the system will take less time and free me up to work on a few other projects for you.

But Wait, There's More! Bring Me On Board Today
& You'll Also Get...

I'm just getting wound up. In addition to overseeing your affiliate program, I've got ideas I believe you'll love regarding programming.

One of the first things Daryl mentioned to me was having me do a show or provide content for the 'make money online' niche. I've got lots of ideas there. 

Internet Marketing Mastermind Show

One possibility is host a show called "Internet Marketing Mastermind" in which I'd interview experts in the industry.  This could be used to feature and promote other content providers on the network or to introduce them and gauge audience interest. 

Another Revenue Stream for the Network

In addition to Joint Venture partners, I want to recruit the top names in Internet marketing to become content providers.  Although I'll shoot for high visibility names, I'll also emphasize those marketers with product promotions with back-end potential for the network. 

Given the way promotions work in my current niche, I can see promotion on our network becoming an effective and quickly adopted strategy for the major product launches that happen every month. And I see our network becoming a strong affiliate itself. Whatever we get behind will sell and we'll profit from every sale. 

Beyond new original content, I'll also pursue other content that'll benefit the network that may be in the form of recorded seminars, workshops, etc.

Will You Be the Next Internet Marketing Idol?

Chris, I'm sure you're aware of the popularity of reality shows on TV. I'm not a fan of most but do love the potential of contests like American Idol, Dancing with Stars, etc. Several niche networks like the Food Channel and the Home & Garden Network have taken these contests a step further and I think it's brilliant.

HGTV's Design Star pits interior designers against each other much like singers on American Idol or would-be entrepreneurs on Donald Trump's show. On this show, however, the prize is your own show on the network. I can't think of a better example of crowd sourcing. 

See the viewing audience, by voting each week, is telling us who they want to see on the network. Rather than launching a new show from scratch, you launch with a brand-new (and inexpensive) host with a built-in large following. 

I'd like to put together a show like this for our Internet marketing channel but this strategy could be applied in almost every niche on the network.

Another Unique Programming Idea

As you know, Chris, I'm a big fan of the Mastermind concept. Of course you are, too, and so are a significant percentage of successful people on the planet. Yet why haven't we seen much on mastermind groups on television?

The closest thing I've seen on air is on Donny Deutsch's show, The Big Idea on MSNBC. At one point in the show, Donny goes to his panel of guest experts to give a start-up feedback on their idea.

It's a slice of the mastermind concept but doesn't tap into its full power because the experts interact only with the host and the would-be entrepreneur that needs help. They don't interact with each other. And that's the problem. The true power of the mastermind comes from group interaction... two or more minds working together in a spirit of harmony towards a common goal.

That hasn't really happened on TV except one show seemed to have discovered the formula by accident. 

Several years ago, I recall seeing a show on ESPN that featured a group of Chicago area sportswriters sitting around a poker table smoking cigars, munching on chips and talking sports.

It seemed odd at the time and I wondered why anyone would watch this. Yet, years later, this show inspired an idea I'd like you to consider for the network.

I have a four-person mastermind group called Siglo IV that includes Dr. Joe Vitale, myself and two other authors and marketing experts. For several months, we've played around with the idea of allowing clients to join us (for a hefty sum) for a weekend where we focus all our energy on helping them solve whatever problem they like.

We also toyed around with the idea of filming the whole thing for the client as well as for a possible DVD product.

Since discovering your network, I've been thinking about this idea again and wondering if this would make for good television. It wouldn't necessarily have to be our group but a group of experts that have some rapport helping a different person in each episode.

Let people witness the power of the mastermind for themselves. And I could see this working in a variety of niches, not just business. Health, spirituality, etc. We actually had a taste of this in San Francisco when a small group of four or five members of your team focused our attention on Jon Biel to help him come up with ideas for his Make the Difference website.

I think it could be very popular, teach people a valuable lesson and do some good for the world. What do you think?

So, Chris, are you convinced bringing me on board is a good idea? Ioho de Beer from Australia certainly did, read what she had to say...

Bill! Bill!!

Thank you! You have changed my financial and working life forever.

I started your Masterclass knowing nothing about Internet marketing and recovering from organizational burnout from the corporate world after 20 years. I was simply hoping for something better to create income and better work/life balance.

Your class was incredibly informative, you over over-delivered, your suggestions were brilliant, easy to implement and very practical. As a result I completely overhauled my Read and Grow Rich product, have had an inquiry from the Ukraine, delivered the product to 18 people already, received rave testimonials to use, will be on local radio this week, earned $3,000 and three companies are interested in paying for my Internet marketing expertise! And this all happened while I was still doing your Masterclass! I never imagined such a breakthrough.

You have shown me what an honor it is to belong to a profession and a community that has high integrity, is incredibly supportive, shares their expertise and knowledge unconditionally and goes way beyond what is expected to ensure our success now and in the future.

I highly recommend this Masterclass to anyone who has the slightest interest in receiving a very lucrative income stream from ecommerce or Internet marketing, wants more from life than working in the corporate world, desires great peace of mind and is looking for an exciting, new interest, career or hobby.

Thank you so much Bill and my mastermind group for your brilliant feedback, ideas and support, fun and laughter, learning, friendship and love! Without you I would never had had lift off!

Ioho de Beer
Founder, Read and Grow Rich
Sydney, Australia

So, Chris, can I help change your financial life forever, too? :)

I hope you don't mind me writing this somewhat playful approach to presenting my background and ideas for the network. Hopefully, it shows you that I'm capable of thinking outside the box while still bringing what's worked successfully in Affiliate marketing into the mix.

So What's All This Going to Cost?

I've discussed this with Daryl and he's told me you've been more than fair in your plans for compensation. You and I haven't talked much yet but I feel really good about what I've seen and heard so far.

So, Chris, I'm open to hearing your thoughts. I've done very well in my current business but have been gearing up for a shift to something new. Funny enough, until Daryl asked me to come to Dallas, I wasn't sure what that 'something new' might be. :) 

I'm all for being part of something new and exciting like this network and I understand you're in startup mode. But the plan I've outlined above is going to require a good bit of time to implement given your 30 and 60 day launch goals. It will mean limiting or eliminating my consulting to existing commitments.

So please keep that in mind when determining a base and compensation model. I'm your buddy, right? :)

To Wrap it Up...

Ok, Chris, I can't promise I can deliver every single big-name marketer in every single country on the planet before you launch. Although, I'm sure there probably really are some very powerful marketing gurus in countries like Moldova, Seychelles Islands and Belarus, I'd like to develop the plan for you I've outlined above.

Or if you feel this needs to be modified in any way, let's talk about it.

Ultimately, Chris, I want to help you meet your affiliate, sales and content goals. I want to go out and tell your story. I also want to help you create a stickiness not only to the network but to your affiliate program. So your affiliates don't just do a one-time promotion. Or even worse, sign-up and never take any action at all.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to speaking to you later today.

All the best,

Bill Hibbler

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